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Edwards Cancer Journey

I am thrilled to announce that we are donating 10% of every sale to help fund Edwards Cancer Journey. Please take a minute to read his story and if you can, please donate to his GoFundMe by following the link at the bottom of the page.

Hi, I’m Edward, I’m 28 and I have Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I only have 2 treatment cycles of Brintuximab on the NHS left and have been advised by an NHS cancer doctor to go buy Brintuximab privately because the NHS won’t pay for it anymore. This is because they have a limit for each person and sadly I’ve reached mine. It’s all about money. But I want to live.


In my scan photos you can see that the treatment has been working, I don’t want to stop treatment. I want my cancer to be fully gone before treatment stops.


One vial of Brintuximab is around £2,500 and I will need 3 vials per treatment. I will need a treatment every 3 weeks. I will also need to pay for appointments. I really need help and fast!


my last dose of Brintuximab is in November and I will need more.


I never like asking for help, but I really want to live. Please help me. Your kindness will be greatly appreciated.


many thanks,


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