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 Why I love what I do


I have always enjoyed making and designing puzzles, so in 2016 I opened up my own escape room with my family.

However since having my son I couldn’t run the day to day bookings, this is how ‘Escape the Puzzle Box’ Came about.

I have always thought the art of gift giving has gotten a bit boring. You give someone a gift and then within seconds the excitement is over. This is where ‘Escape the Puzzle Box’ comes in.

I have managed to merge ‘Escape room’ puzzles and gift giving together and designed my very first Puzzle box called ‘Operation swan dive’ and it has expanded from there.

So what is a Puzzle box?

Basically you chain and padlock your box with what ever you want to put inside. You then give the recipient the ‘Operation Swan Dive’ case file. They will then need to solve the case by deciphering a number of puzzles, from this they will get a 3 digit combination to unlock their present.

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